Warning: Remaildr is currently indefinitely down for maintenance!
The mailboxes sadly got clogged with spam, the service failed over, and is no longer working.
I plan on fixing this in due time with a nicer, cloud-based rewrite. Please follow progress at github.com/Pluies/remaildr2

Ever felt like something should wait for later?

Just send it to 30minutes@remaildr.com, and it will come back in
30 minutes. Or 5hrs@remaildr.com. Or 1day@remaildr.com.
It’s your choice, really.

How does it work?
Darn simply! Just write an email containing whatever you want to be reminded at a later time, and send it to some-time-at-remaildr.com.
Once that delay has passed, remaildr will send you your email back.
Spelling of the address doesn’t really matter — for example, 1minute@remaildr.com, 5m@remaildr.com, 15mn@remaildr.com, 25mns@remaildr.com and 45minutes@remaildr.com all work.
Do you want to peek at the code? It's here.
Does it actually work?
Why yes! Most of the time.
However, the email back from remaildr might be flagged as spam by your email provider.
To make sure things work smoothly, you may add remind@remaildr.com to your contact list and/or send an email to test@remaildr.com: it should come back instantly.
I promise to never use your email address for any purpose.
Actually, the only thing I keep track of is the delay people chose for their remaildr. I will use this data to draw pretty graphs during long winter nights.
remaildr is completely free and will remain so as long as the server fees don’t get outrageous, i.e. the foreseeable future.
So what’s the catch?
The delay cannot be longer than 7 days, and attachments are not guaranteed to make it safely.